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Joe Taino LIVE at Old Havana 🔥

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The wine bottles were not the only things being opened as our hearts and ears were also being opened with the wonderful stylings from our musical guest.

Last weekend Joe Taino blessed us with his stunning musical talent and stylings. Joe and his accompanying band filled out the entire restaurant with the smooth and elegant latin jazz sound you only get from years of experience. You could hear the heart and soul that went into every song and every note played and sung.

Old Havana is a proud Mom and Pops restaurant and everyone in house was dining and enjoying a wonderful night. It felt as though we were a big family sharing in the food and vibes of the night. There isn't a better representation of latino heritage then when we come together as a community and share a beautiful moment with great food and great music.

Due to popular demand Joe Taino has agreed to come back to Old Havana in September. We look forward to having another sensational night here amongst friends filled with the Cuban taste we all know and love and the smooth fiery jazz that Joe brings to life.

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